Click and Play Agility - Chapter 10

22 Aug 2010Steve Schwarz

I am pleased to announce that Chapter 10 of Angelica Steinker’s book Click and Play Agility, Clicker Training for Successful Dog Agility is now available.

Click and Play Agility book cover

In Chapter 10 “Click! Handling” Angelica discusses:

  • What is TAGTeaching?
  • Handling Moves
  • Handling Moves That Turn the Dog
  • The Dog's Path
  • Proofing Handling Moves
  • Potential TAG Point Challenges
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Does the Dog Know This Move?
  • New Handling Move Game
  • Verbal Cues
  • Body Overshadows Verbal
  • Head Check Addiction
  • Name Recall
  • Timing Game
  • Common Agility Course Patterns
  • Handle at the Dog's Speed
  • Course Analysis
  • Handling Seminars
  • Flow
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Chapter 10 Click! Handling934 kB

In case you missed them here are the other posts containing the book’s chapters that have been released so far:

The final chapter should be available in about two weeks.

Angelica has released her book using a Creative Commons license which allows you to download and share her book in accordance with this license.

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