Click and Play Agility - Chapter 8

11 Jul 2010Steve Schwarz

I am pleased to announce that Chapter 8 of Angelica Steinker’s book Click and Play Agility, Clicker Training for Successful Dog Agility is now available.

Click and Play Agility book cover

In Chapter 8 “Click! Jump Training” Angelica discusses:

  • What Influences a Dog's Ability to Jump?
  • Words of Caution
  • Introducing Your Dog to the Jump Obstacles
  • Click Commitment
  • Strides
  • Gait Variations
  • The Goal of Jump Training
  • Potential Challenges
  • Striding at Top Speed
  • Trajectory
  • Body Awareness
  • Cavaletti Games
  • Jump Chute Games
  • Jumping and Turning Games
  • Preparing for Competition
  • Fun Jumping Drills
  • Maintaining Your Dog's Jumping
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Chapter 8 Click! Jump Training695 kB

In case you missed them here are the other posts containing the book’s chapters that have been released so far:

Angelica has released her book using a Creative Commons license which allows you to download and share her book in accordance with this license.

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