Great Milo Weaving Photo

03 Jun 2005Steve Schwarz

Alissa Behn of Pet Personalities was taking photos at Dana Pike’s Spring Maintenance Camp this past Memorial Day weekend. Alissa is a great Agility action photographer who photos are regularly featured in Clean Run Magazine.

Alissa took this great photo of Milo weaving. It is really spectacular in 8x10 format and is in perfect focus. You can see Milo has one eye closed and the other focusing on the gap between the next poles. I like too that you can see he only has one foot on the ground as he reaches forward. This small scanned version just doesn’t do justice to her original version.

Milo Weaving
Copyright Alissa Behn/Pet Personalities

I’m still deciding which of these other Milo photos to get copies of:

Crossing the Dog Walk
Not Quite 2o2o on the Teeter
Perfect Teeter 2o2o
Happy Teeter Down 2o2o
Cookie in the Teeter Down 2o2o
Serious Teeter Down 2o2o
Finally Released!

Great job Alissa!

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