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17 Jun 2009Steve Schwarz

There is a new website for agility enthusiasts where you can upload, view and search for agility course maps. It was just started recently at It has a nice easy to use interface and allows you to upload scans of paper maps along with information by which others can locate the map.

This will be helpful to find example courses for practice, fun runs and to investigate different judge’s courses. The website is free to use and donations are accepted to support its operating expenses.

In some ways I feel kind of “scooped” by this site. I think it was over four years ago I purchased the domain name. I have developed (but never launched) a couple prototype websites. I was looking to collect agility courses but offer some additional/different services than But I held back after discussions with intellectual property attorneys about the liabilities of collecting copyrighted works and obtaining unambiguous releases of copy rights from the owner(s) of the courses.

It is the copyright issue that initially raised the ire of some judges. The site has already taken steps to get approval from judges before allowing courses to be published. Hopefully, that will settle things down.

I think this site is a great idea and I hope many judges will give their consent to have their courses posted. It can be a great resource for the agility community with their buy in. So check it out!

Updated 2013

The website is now running with skill based and DIY courses and blank course maps. Of course you can always see all the courses I’ve designed and some from other trainers and judges right here in the courses section of the blog.

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