AKC Premier-ish Seminar Sequences

20 Aug 2023Steve Schwarz

I thought I'd share four challenging AKC Premier-ish sequences I've used at seminars in smaller spaces. They've got "all the things".


Stacie Cwik Inspired Small Space Sequences

07 Jun 2023Steve Schwarz

I loved running Spark and Snap! on Stacie Cwik's class course last week and the opening/closing made for a perfect small space practice setup. So I mashed the opening and closing together into one sequence and came up with three additional (and challenging!) training sequences.


Dana Pike/Steve Skills Sequences

25 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

I loved running Spark on Dana Pike's skills sequence at this week's class and she kindly let me share it. I've added two more sequences to give you three jump-only skills sequences for a long narrow space that let you work on jump wraps, 270s, back side slice/wrap, and a threadle.


AKC-like JWW/Premier Novice through Masters Practice Courses

12 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

Three of each AKC-like Jumpers/Premier sequences for novice/advanced and excellent/masters teams from a recent seminar of mine.


Fun AKC-like JWW Novice/Advanced Practice Courses

07 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

Five fun and challenging AKC-like Jumpers sequences for novice/intermediate teams from a recent seminar.


Four Jumps, Two Tunnels, Eight Sequences to Train All the Things - Video

18 Sep 2022Steve Schwarz

Here are eight sequences for a long narrow space using four jumps and two tunnels that let you work on a lot of different handling skills!


Three Backyard Back Side and Threadle Practice Sequences

02 Sep 2022Steve Schwarz

Snap! and I need to work on him taking the jump on a back side slice while I'm moving fast away from the jump he is taking. Also threadle wraps when I'm past the plan of the jump. So I created these three sequences and thought I'd share them.


Birgitta Hermansson Tunnels/Jumps Practice Sequences - Video

26 Aug 2022Steve Schwarz

I always enjoy the practice courses Birgitta Hermansson posts on Facebook. After having so much fun running one of her sequences I came up with three more sequences for the same equipment setup. I also shot some video of me practicing with Snap! and 8 month old Spark for fun.


"Jumperified" Dana Pike Advanced/Masters Sequences

15 May 2022Steve Schwarz

I've removed the contact obstacles from the Dana Pike Advanced/Masters class courses, that I posted recently, for folks who have a slightly narrower space or who don't have contacts. These sequences will test your skills!


Challenging Dana Pike Advanced/Masters Sequences

06 May 2022Steve Schwarz

Two challenging Dana Pike Advanced/Masters class courses that will test all your skills!