Dana Pike Masters Training Sequence - Video

24 Feb 2024Steve Schwarz

I enjoyed running this Dana Pike training course and I think you will too! It has a little bit of everything and is a great way to work on your handling skills.


Masters/Premier Workshop Sequences

26 Oct 2023Steve Schwarz

Here are two masters/premier sequences that I've used at a recent evening workshop. They had some good challenges!


Novice Optional Weave Workshop Sequences

25 Oct 2023Steve Schwarz

Here are two novice sequences that can be used with and without weaves that I've used at a recent evening workshop.


AKC Premier-ish Seminar Sequences

20 Aug 2023Steve Schwarz

I thought I'd share four challenging AKC Premier-ish sequences I've used at seminars in smaller spaces. They've got "all the things".


Stacie Cwik Inspired Small Space Sequences

07 Jun 2023Steve Schwarz

I loved running Spark and Snap! on Stacie Cwik's class course last week and the opening/closing made for a perfect small space practice setup. So I mashed the opening and closing together into one sequence and came up with three additional (and challenging!) training sequences.


Dana Pike/Steve Skills Sequences

25 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

I loved running Spark on Dana Pike's skills sequence at this week's class and she kindly let me share it. I've added two more sequences to give you three jump-only skills sequences for a long narrow space that let you work on jump wraps, 270s, back side slice/wrap, and a threadle.


AKC-like JWW/Premier Novice through Masters Practice Courses

12 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

Three of each AKC-like Jumpers/Premier sequences for novice/advanced and excellent/masters teams from a recent seminar of mine.


Fun AKC-like JWW Novice/Advanced Practice Courses

07 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

Five fun and challenging AKC-like Jumpers sequences for novice/intermediate teams from a recent seminar.


Four Jumps, Two Tunnels, Eight Sequences to Train All the Things - Video

18 Sep 2022Steve Schwarz

Here are eight sequences for a long narrow space using four jumps and two tunnels that let you work on a lot of different handling skills!


Three Backyard Back Side and Threadle Practice Sequences

02 Sep 2022Steve Schwarz

Snap! and I need to work on him taking the jump on a back side slice while I'm moving fast away from the jump he is taking. Also threadle wraps when I'm past the plan of the jump. So I created these three sequences and thought I'd share them.