Masters/Premier Workshop Sequences

26 Oct 2023Steve Schwarz

I’m sharing two AKC-ish Masters/Premier seminar sequences I used at a recent evening workshop along with some notes on handling them. There are also two Novice sequences from the same workshop.

Sequence 1

agilitynerd masters handling 1

Handling notes:

  • Play with wrapping the dog to the left and the right at the first jump.
  • Front or blind cross 2-3 to put your dog on left on the way to 4.
  • Blind cross 5-6 - there is plenty of room! Though you should also be able to Front or Rear Cross there too.
  • 7-8-9 can you get to the landing side of 7 for a front or blind cross? How will you get a collected turn 8-9? Ketscher turn? Decellerate? Tight turn verbal?
  • Or dog on left 7-8 and can you Rear Cross 8 to get the turn to the weaves?
  • 9-10: I liked blind end of weaves and Threadle Wrap 10 (turning the dog right) to get the best line for the dog for 11-12. You could also shoulder pull and rear cross 10 turning to the right.
  • Double push to back 13-14. For little dogs you could threadle wrap 13 and then push to back at 14.
  • Can you fade the weaves and pickup your dog on the landing of 16? Or use two front crosses to the final tunnel.

Sequence 2

agilitynerd masters handling 2

Handling notes:

  • 2-4 is the same as 7-9 in the prior sequence, just easier to get in position. Though going to the weave entry is a little more challenging.
  • You could push to back side blind cross 4-5 to put your dog on your left into the weaves.
  • 6-9 is a classic serpentine. All three crosses are possible on both sides.
  • Yet another serpentine sequence 10-12. Though Id recommend to blind cross 10-11 to get your dog on your left for the next two jumps (and it keeps the off course 14 out of the way).
  • Easy-peasy 13-16.
  • Push to back wrap at 17 and then serpentine to the end!

Let me know if you tried these sequences and how they worked for you and your dog!

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