UKI North American Invitational Personalized Schedule Website

20 Feb 2024Steve Schwarz

Going to the 1-TDC UKI North American Invitational? I’ve created a website ( that builds a personalized schedule/timetable just for you in two steps:

  1. Just type your last name and presto!

  2. Save/bookmark the URL to always have the most up to date schedule.

Optionally customize it:

  • add your friend’s schedules so you won’t miss when they are running. Or make a friend’s only schedule!
  • hide/show columns/rows to make it easy to read on your mobile devices.
  • watching friends on the live stream? Set the timezone to your area so you won’t miss their runs!
  • Running multiple dogs? Potential run conflicts are highlighted.

WAIT until closer to the event if you are printing your schedule, in case the schedule changes (or someone finds an error and I fix it).

Message me if you find any errors or have questions.

Big thanks to Stefanie and Susan for hours of testing! Thanks too to Roger Ly at Agility Gate for good discussions on the intricacies of scheduling runs and walks!

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