Training on a Floppy Teeter - Video

09 Jun 2024Steve Schwarz

Training on such a “floppy” teeter helps dogs get used to the worst teeter situation they’ll ever encounter. But it can hurt sensitive dog’s confidence! So I introduced this teeter to Spark slowly and carefully. I started with the teeter on the ground and then raised it a little at a time. Always rewarding for him moving on the teeter.

The “Jungle Gym” or “Bang the Board” approach on a low teeter works very nicely for building teeter confidence. Using the highest value reward possible for the dog, first reward heavily for any interaction with the teeter. Then start rewarding for the dog stepping on the board and moving on it. You can then make a game of jumping on it, jumping onto the end of the teeter to make it drop (only a small distance at first). Some folks add a verbal cue “Bang it” to have the dog jump onto the up end of the teeter from the side and slam it down. The idea is help the dog understand they control the motion and the noise the teeter makes. Then start raising the teeter little by little. This takes some time but I trained Meeker this way and he’d happily bang down the teeter anytime and he had a fast and confident teeter performance.

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Spark is eager to have his teeter training sessions but I’m also going to work him on more rigid teeters as I continue to raise his height.

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