Jump Box Drill Generator Update

10 Jan 2006Steve Schwarz

Update 25-Oct-2010 New Jump Box Generator is HERE

I’ve made some small improvements to my Jump Box Drill Generator here.

It now offers more helpful suggestions when your selections don’t result in 8 sequences. There are a number of reasons for a failure, most are due to restrictions I had to place on the script so it uses fewer resources on my web host’s server. So usually retrying your existing selections solves the problem. See the text displayed in red at the bottom of the sequences for suggestions.

The only open issue I have is sometimes when the results are displayed the entire page isn’t shown in the browser. I think this is due to the HTML results printing little by little as each sequence is generated. I’ll investigate further.

I have to give special thanks to Jordan at my hosting service HostMagix for working with me to resolve an occasional bug I had where the script would run past its allowed resources and require manual intervention. I’ve since added an alarm to stop the process and log the configuration for future debugging.

Thus far this script seems well received. I’ve already had over 2,000 hits on this script in the past week and a number of kind comments. Please let me know if you run into any problems.

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