Seminar Testimonials/Recommendations

At the end of each of my seminars I send out a mini-survey to each attendee and ask three questions: “What did you like?”, “How can I improve?” and “Would you recommend my seminars?“. Here are some answers to the last question:

2021-Apr-16/18 Crosses, Pin Wheel, Serpentines, Threadles, Jumping Jehosaphat, Getting Tight

I love how Steve teaches to the team in front of him. Every attendee got the tailored instruction and specific help that team needed. When he found a hole in training, he made suggestions on how to go about filling in that hole by giving homework. I felt like me and my dog got just what we needed. My husband also attended and he and his dog received recommendations specific to their team. Wonderful! If you get a chance to attend a seminar - DO IT!
Directions were clear and we got to work a lot! I was particularly impressed with your ability to read the level of each dog and handler that you did not know and adjust your directions/ corrections and suggestions to their level. I am not a particularly experienced handler and I wound up working a very green dog (not yet 2 yo and only been sequencing for a few months) for all 3 seminars. You always gave positive reinforcement coupled with helpful criticism that was easily understood.

What a fun weekend of learning with someone who knows their stuff, knows how to get it across, and also has a good time doing it. Maintaining a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously goes a long way!

Vivian and "Ed"
This was my first seminar with Steve and I was not disappointed with his classroom instruction or his one on one observation and direction. It was fun and educational and I left with more confidence in myself as a handler and an understanding of handling my two dogs which are both different in their levels of agility. Looking forward to his next one! Thank you Steve and be blessed!
You are able to work with a variety of skill levels and handlers at the same time. Adjust on the fly and don't make anybody feel inadequate. Trudy had a great time.
I liked how you worked with each team and found the best solution for that team and didn't use one technique for every team. Loved that you worked with each team and did not teach them something too far above the level they were at but at the same time helped them improve their runs. I am looking forward to being in another seminar you teach if back is in our area.
Exy and Joyce
I really enjoyed the teaching method used. I never felt rushed. I was able to work on a skill until I was able to perform it. The classes were all interesting and entertaining! Even though Max will sometimes start to sniff, he stayed engaged and worked through. I was very happy and impressed with Max over a long, fun weekend.
Robin & Max

2017-May-4/6 Crosses, Jumping Jehosaphat, Can You Handle It?

I learned more than I thought I would, and practiced skills I didn't think I could ever do, until they were starting to feel more or less comfortable. Steve is a fantastic teacher who worked with students at varying skill levels, making sure everyone came away with new skills and increased confidence in their handling. I will look forward to doing another of his seminars soon.
Danae Steele
Your ability to make me successful no matter what my level - beyond my own needs, I was particularly impressed with your ability to work with each participant at their level and have them feel successful.
S. Black
You are as skilled at teaching as you are In agility, in that you are able to assess the needs of the team and provide coaching on skills that were achievable in the short time you had with each team. Not only did I learn during my time, I also really enjoyed and learned from watching you work with others. I came away with two big goals, speed(intensity) and focus on each obstacle, as well as lots of skills I need to work on. Your patience and sense of humor also made it fun day. I was a little worried about bringing my bully since I’m such a newbie to agility, and she can be a handful, but Gilly and I had a blast!
Julie Ruck
Thank you for meeting each team at its level. I appreciated the positive class environment and helpful feedback. You are able to simplify maneuvers that seem difficult at first. I appreciate your knowledge of different handling techniques. You still had energy at the end of a long day when many of us were getting tired.
I am not an experienced handler, however, you were very patient with me. When it comes with working with people and dogs with different levels, you are so flexible. The environment of the seminars weren't intimidating at all. I liked that you shared the links of reading materials and videos as "homework" before the seminars. They made so much sense during the seminars.
Kaz and Makwa Stone
Steve has the unique ability to teach unfamiliar agility concepts to humans and dog teams that translate into significant improvements on the course. All done in a fun way!
Anne H.
I have been dealing with a bad hip and Steve went the extra mile to teach me to minimize my steps and helped me have more confidence on when to distance handle. I appreciated all the encouragement.
Kathy and Lilly, the Westie
Concepts presented were very easy to understand and integrate into handling. Love your teaching style, open to questions and very easy to train with.
Dana Bourassa
Steve's seminar was invigorating and high energy. He knows how to motivate and inspire teams. Steve's philosophies make sense and really do work! I like that Steve limits the number of working spots so that everyone gets a substantial amount of mat time to hone in on the skills he is teaching. He is VERY patient with each handler/dog team. And once you master a skill, he doesn't stop there. He raises the bar higher and higher to ensure that we are continuing to push the envelope and become better handlers.
Brenda - Blk Diamond Schipperkes
Highly recommend Steve's seminars for anyone who wants to take their agility skills to the next level. Great information and great fun for both dogs and handlers!
Lynn and the Labs

2017-Apr-9/10 Confident, Composed Crosses; Pin Wheels, Serpentines, and Threadles; International Flair; and Masters Handling

Steve is a super teacher & speaker, he's very informative & has a way of making you comfortable & relaxed, many teachers are good handlers but can't relate to their students. I was also impressed how positive he was towards our dogs!
J. S.
Steve's seminars are extremely informative and interactive. He shares such a wealth of information and personalizes through each seminar as you run through his courses. Coaching you to adopt changes that will help you run your dog successfully. Always making it fun for you and your dog as he shows you ways to shave time off your runs (Your Dog is AWESOME!). I worked my 18mo BC and 5yr old BC and am excited to apply what I learned. I look forward to the next time our club invites Steve back for future seminars.
I just loved the Confident Composed Crosses course I just took! You made learning fun and entertaining... learned many new ideas and techniques. As a novice handler, the one on one course runs with feedback was crucial, as learning is great but each team is different and has it's own 'trouble spot' and you addressed them in a way that I left confident and ready for the next course and Q! You will see me at one of your next seminars in the area!
Barb and Chance
I liked the individual time you spent with us. Your advice to each person was different depending on their needs. I got a lot out of going back and watching the videos and then I realized how much time you spent with me. Thank you!!
Cheryl and Andi
Steve is a skilled instructor with a upbeat and positive spin on every team. Take-aways from his presentations were different for each team. Despite it being a seminar the session felt very individualized and personal.
Martha and Tweed
The seminar helped me to realize how my handling techniques help to increase/decrease the speed of my dog on course. How I can keep him energized through tight handling situations and how I can get him to extend quickly.
I liked how you helped break things down and made us get it right. So we actually understood what we could do to make our handling clearer to our dogs. You pushed us to do things we wouldn't normally do and it made me realize I could do it.
Sarah Cassis
Loved your energy and ability to keep things moving throughout the seminar. Great teaching style! You gave the class valuable handling instruction and then provided awesome one-on-one coaching when working with individual teams.

I thought it was a tremendous seminar that was informative and also practical in that I can apply these new skills in my handling. I hope you return - I’m ready to sign up for your next agility seminar!

Barb Wierzbicki & Lambeau
It was enlightening to get feedback from someone else besides my instructor. I love my instructor, but everybody has a different viewpoint and getting feedback from someone else resulted in quite a few "ahah" moments. I liked how you were not afraid to critique us, but did it in a gentle and often humorous way. After all, we are all there trying to improve and learn to be better handlers.

I found the whole experience so enjoyable and learned so much, I’d like to repeat the whole thing in about 6 months so I could work the segments I just audited this time. Well worth the cost!

Maureen D.
I loved the feedback provided and the style of delivery. I felt that the seminar was as if I were getting a private lesson regarding my handling skills and how I could improve our performance as a team. Even watching others work on their skills gave me ideas for our betterment as well. Great job! I just loved the whole day Saturday and wish I could have been there on Sunday as well. Great way to positively change performance!!!!
Peg and Echo
Great job of presenting the material. Huge positive response and we are trying to figure out how and when to have you back!!
Pam O'Day

2016-Oct-22 Super Skills!, Masters/Premier Handling

What a great man to learn from! Thank you Steve for an awesome seminar, for your knowledge, your candor, your feedback, your suggestions and your encouragement!
Helped me and Phoebe connect, Thanks Steve!
Karen and Phoebe
Steve was Awesome! He took the time to watch and think about our team before making suggestions. He was very good at ways I can change to make the skills more readable and easy for my dog. I was able to take away some suggestions for practice and training that can be done at home with my girl!

Thanks Steve! We had a Blast at the seminars!

Kelly and Lucy

2016-Oct-08 Super Skills!, Masters/Premier Handling

Simple, effective solutions for problem areas with all teams, novice to masters, and all breeds, Poodles to Tervs. Love your caring, gentle manner! You helped everyone and did not overwhelm anyone. Want to see you back here soon!
Leslie Baumann
Canine Connect Dog Sports
I highly recommend him as an instructor. I gained a new perspective on agility!
It was a great seminar for my young dog, I felt like my handling and understanding of handling my young dog greatly improved. She's showing improvement in her training and also focus.
Agility Nerd is a Great Instructor! Awesome handling demo's and tips! Instruction was fun and interesting! Handling tips were refreshing and helpful! Great with the dogs and handlers! Highly recommended!Laurie Tuttle CPDT-KA
Laurie Tuttle Dog Training LLC
I have been to several Agility Nerd seminars by Steve Schwarz and each time I go I learn something new. He is an observant teacher who watches you and presses you to be a better handler to your dog. If you haven't been, go to one you will enjoy yourself and learn something you weren't expecting.
Pam Cassel & Bond
I thought everything was great, very informative, and challenging.
Going to your seminar helped me get back into competing with Rio again.

2016-April Super Skills!, Can You Handle It?, Backyard Mastery

I definitely recommend attending any agility seminar from Steve. I run 2 VERY different standard schnauzers, and am always looking for various ways to improve my handling skills so I can help my dogs succeed at any venue. Steve is always positive and upbeat, and willing to help with any scenario.
Steve is very insightful with regards to timing of turns and running the correct line for the handler. He also watches the dog and notices what they need and what the handler isn't giving them and makes suggestions. He is very patient as the learning process occurs. This is not always immediate!
Happy Camper
The seminar was such a positive experience for both my dogs and me. Steve offers different options for handling the courses and does it in an encouraging way. He helped me work through problems. I highly recommend his seminars.
Cheryl, Sadie, and Cody
Steve is an awesome presenter. His training and suggestions for the people with working spots are given in a positive and supportive way. He always tells the "good stuff" along with the things needed for improvement.
Love your positive approach to working with the various teams of dogs and handlers. Even when correcting, you keep everybody upbeat and excited about learning and loving the sport!!
I totally enjoyed Steve's seminar and the knowledge I gained was invaluable. Now all I need to do is incorporate that into my training program. Steve was very patient with this Novice Senior handler and his laid back approach encouraged learning. Thank you Steve.
Karen Wisler
Steve's Seminar offered various course options with VERY HELPFUL execution tips!
Tyne & Crystal
The seminar addressed each handler/dog team according to their needs specifically. Alternates were offered, recommendations for improvements outlined. A fruitful seminar for all participants and for me a confidence builder.

2015-July Course? What Course?, Confident Crosses, International Foundation Skills in Action

Me and my dog really enjoyed the Course? What Course? seminar. The PAWS method was well explained and then everyone had a chance to put it into action on a number of courses. Steve is a very nice and patient instructor and the seminar was fun as well as informative. As someone who tends to forget what I'm doing when I get stressed, I came away feeling much more confident about staying on course in the future!
Karen and Tillie
Great seminars! Steve is very good at recognizing what each team needs and is very patient! The "International Skills" seminar was a lot of fun. The skills were broken down and Steve worked with each team individually. The seminars were very helpful in pointing out how to improve my handling!
The workshops were full of useful information with the suggestions tailored to meet the individual needs of the participants. He tries to give everyone the skills they need to be successful and still make the experience fun for both the handler and the dog. I am looking forward to more of Steve's seminars.
I liked: One on one attention, exercises that isolated specific skills, repetition (but not too much), careful explanation of how and why things are done the way they are, and Steve gave each team about the same amout of time and attention. Steve didn't play "favorites" and he didn't short-change anyone.
Lisa B
I have been training with Steve for several years and each time is an awesome learning experience. He takes the time to work with you individually and breaks down the mechanics of the moves in a very easy to understand learning opportunity. In a seminar he gives each student a lot of working time and individual feedback. I love love love the Agility Nerd site with the videos that are broken down and detailed with different running options. I love that he shares things that work well and not so well. Steve's passion for the sport makes him interesting and fun to learn from, and he seems to really enjoy teaching others to be better handlers. Learning from Steve is a pleasure and I thank him for be willing to share his knowledge with us!
Cheryl Sheridan
Confident Crosses was an extremely beneficial seminar helping me clarify whole-body placement (arms included) and movements for the benefit of my dog. The pedagogy specific to crosses was excellent but the reminder that foundation skills are the FOUNDATION skills and should be continually practiced was also valuable.
For several years, I had the good fortune of participating in Steve's agility classes. He is an outstanding instructor technically and is unfailingly kind and engaged when working with his students, both human and canine.

Recently I attended one of Steve’s seminars. It was an excellent opportunity to spend lots of time practicing specific handling skills with Steve’s guidance. Together with his invaluable reference material and discussion, this hands on work provided a giant step toward improving team performance.

Anyone who has an opportunity to take a seminar from Steve MUST do it. He IS Simply the Best!

Sandra Busse

2015-May Super Skills!, Can You Handle It?

This was my second Steve Schwarz seminar and they just keep getting better! Steve combines a fun sense of humor with great advice and suggestions, and I felt like my dog and I put together some great sequences while having a blast doing it! I would highly recommend attending one of his seminars if you want some usable information and skills all taught in a fun and enjoyable environment.
Magic & I had an awesome time at the Super Skills seminar. I have a hard time with front crosses, and this helped me to be able to make the cross and understand what I'm doing, and where I should be for my dog. Thanks a lot Steve. You are great fun!!
Sandy & Magic
I really enjoyed learning new techniques and working through timing and positioning issues. I can already see a difference in my dogs turning wide after obstacles because I have not been cueing properly. You are a master at giving every person help at their level, whether a novice or more advanced. Thanks for giving us more tools to get ahead of our dog. Thanks so much!
Cindy and Derby
I enjoyed the seminar and used the training suggestions the very next day at an AKC trial. Blaze and I got first place in Time to Beat! Our first time playing the game. Even though I did handle one jump poorly I recognized it immediately and fortunately we were able to recover.
This was the second time I attended one of the Agility Nerd's seminars. I enjoyed this one as much as I did the first. Steve is very personable and down to earth. I felt very comfortable with him. I believe he's a very good teacher. He has a good eye and was able to tell me how I could make improvements in my handling. I trust his observations and feedback. I highly recommend his seminars.
Beth McKay
Steve could not teach us everything he knows in just two days of class. Everything he taught us in those classes, we needed to know. I enjoyed the easy going patience Steve showed with me as a novice handler. I learned so much from his agility course break down about how I move with my dog. I also learned from his coaching of others in the class.
Mark G. Fort Wayne IN

2015-Apr Course? What Course?, Super Skills!, Can You Handle It?

If you have the opportunity to take one of Steve's seminars, DO IT! I recently attended his seminar at Youngstown All Breed Training Club and was so glad I did!! Steve has such a wonderful way of instructing and training that both dog and handler came away feeling on top of the world!! Steve is all about the dog and making it positive for them, which I really loved. He had a real gift in being able to read dog and handler and make suggestions for what might work for them. I also loved that when he might not know, he admitted it. No super ego operating with him! All of us were extremely comfortable to run the courses and be able to ask questions. On top of that, we learned so much. We were able to perfect our skills and have a wonderful time doing it. You will not regret going to one of Steve's seminars. I would definitely go back for more!
Barb and Roxy
What a positive and informative way to be rejuvenated with your agility handling and skill improvement! It was so nice to hear all the positive comments made by Steve and the encouragement given to each and every team!
Joanne in Ohio
LOVED this seminar!!! It gave me LOTS of useful information!! Steve is an extremely patient, positive person who put everyone at ease during the seminar!!!!
Sue Arnold
I'd like to recommend Steve to all clubs and associations. He has positive inputs and many ways to do things, not just ONE specific training method.
Karen Mikulin and Victor
Steve does a great job reading the dog and helping handlers adjust based on that reading. I'll look for other Nerd seminars!
Jay Wootten and Breeze
The seminar was very helpful and informative. All of us received a lot of one on one instruction. You adjusted the activities to meet our individual needs and ability levels. You were very positive with our dogs and us, and offered helpful suggestions for improving our handling skills. It was a very worthwhile weekend, and I highly recommend it to others.
Cheryl C.

2015-Mar Course? What Course?, Confident Crosses, International Handling Applied

Steve is very down to earth, and easy to work with. He is able to break everything down so that everyone can understand, and he is able to effectively work with very beginners all the way to experienced handlers. No matter what your level, you will benefit from his seminars. I hope to have other opportunities to work with Steve in the future.
Nancy Schanda, retired educator, current agility instructor and exhibitor
Steve has a 'no pressure' approach to his coaching. He is very positive and supportive. Steve is able to adapt what he is teaching to any team. I hope to attend another seminar if he is ever in my area again. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot.
Janie Gibbs & Bella
Second seminar and private lesson session I have attended with Steve. So amazing to see how much progress we have made from the first one. We covered a lot of content but I came away feeling I understood the material presented. We had enough time to practice each move presented that I feel confident to continue to practice on my own. I believe we will progress more as a team based on what we learned over the weekend. Learn new stuff and play agility with my buddy all weekend....what could be better.
Mindy Jo and Wrangler - Springfield, MO
I'm a novice with a challenging novice dog. I'm also learning a new skill set after retiring from teaching. It's rare to find an instructor who will work with you at your skill level. Steve made me feel very comfortable and gave me great suggestions.
Susan Miranti
This was an excellent seminar. I usually only get 1 or 2 things that I can use later. In this seminar I came away with a bag full of tools. Steve was clear, concise, very patient and set teams up to be successful. He was generous with praise and i don't think I heard any criticisms.
Irene Bessette

2015-Feb Mastering Masters! and Can You Handle It?

Steve's seminar was amazing. I would recommend anyone to attend who wants to improve their handling skills and work better with their dog as a team. Steve's approach is fun as well as informative.
Sally & Chelsea
Steve's seminar was informative and engaging. He broke everything down and worked with us at our own level. Steve is an upbeat and positive instructor. Success was the motto for the day! Had a lot of fun and would certainly attend again!
Robin & Sadie
We loved our seminar. I was worried it would be above our training level, but Steve did an awesome job working with each team individually. We would definitely attend again!
I loved the positive approach that Steve used when teaching me and my dogs during the seminar. I was pushed to try new techniques and think about handling in a new way. I would definitely take another seminar from Steve.
Jennifer, Ember, and Gibbs
Learned a lot of handling skills that I had seen used by other handlers but didn't know how to do. Steve broke things down and explained them and worked you through them until you got it.

2014-Nov Super Skills! and Can You Handle It?

I recommend Steve unreservedly. He has a well organized and clear presentation of agility fundamentals and a really unique ability to coach while teams are on course. He takes each dog and handler combo from where their skills are today and helps them see how to move forward in a very doable way. We all left better handlers after spending time with Steve!
My novice dog and I had a great time at Steve's Super Skills seminar. I've been taking agility seminars for 14 years, and I can say this was one great day. Most of all, I loved Steve's teaching style- funny, playful and supportive. Looking forward to a Masters seminar the next time you swing through New England. Thanks, Steve! I will be back!
Diane Gibbons KPA-CTP, Agility Instructor, Monadnock Humane Society, NH
You've boosted my point of view with a new attitude! Thank You. I'm going to remember to work it like I stole it. Strive to be ahead. To communicate what's next to my dog and to be prepared for each obstacle in the run.
Sue and River
If you're looking for a clear, concise explanation of the different crosses and the opportunity to focus on practicing them, then this is the seminar for you! Steve provides great explanations of the different crosses, how to do them, and when to consider using them. He is very detail-oriented - he's able to recognize and comment on very fine-tuned aspects of how the handler and the dog work together. Each team got individual attention and had time to work on their specific needs. I came away with a better understanding of the crosses and what I need to work on with my dog.
Stacey G. and Seelie, CT
The focus on core - critical - skills was tremendously helpful. We are novices in agility, and fine tuning the crosses and serpentines was just exactly what I needed to help my dog on course and communicate effectively with her. I had thought she had a jumping issue but it turned out it was a handling issue - mine! Thank you so much for your patience, humor and keen eye. We enjoyed every moment and learned a ton.
Mary & Dakota - Southern VT
Good information, well expressed. And what was most impressive, you treated each team as an individual, no cookie cutter fix for all teams. And you could work and teach at all levels. And I liked the empathy. I felt you knew exactly what I was trying to do, and you'd maybe had a similar experience. And knew what to do to fix it. Or at least try. You gave me hope.
Judi Stellmach
I loved your way of describing Front Crosses - drawing the road, the curb and reminding us to stay out of the road.
This was my first agility seminar, so I didn't really know what to expect. I was worried that Ziggy and I weren't advanced enough to be part of this group, but very much appreciated Steve's ability to meet all of us where we were. Steve is a great teacher in that he was able to easily see what I needed in terms of handling and he was super patient in helping me sometimes over and over. I also appreciated that he gave me some simple home-work that Ziggy and I can work on. Having a take-away really helps me to remember the value of the workshop.
Louise and Ziggy

2014-Oct Super Skills! and International Skills Applied

This is the best seminar I've ever attended. Witty fun and educational.
Barbara Sikes
I'm so glad I spent the time with Steve. His evaluations of handler/dog teams was very clear and helped so much. He was supportive, positive, encouraging and explained skills so it was easier to learn. He was patient and gave full attention to each team and adjusted his coaching to teams at every skill level. He gave us handling options and helped us develop our skills. I will definitely go to another of his seminars!!!
Merry Christiansen, Springfield Missouri
I'm still high on the feeling of success after our seminar this past weekend. We have struggled so hard with our speed and control. It was such a fantastic feeling to have it all come together.

Had lots of “light bulb” moment over the course of the private lesson and through the two days of seminar. Found habits I didn’t know I had that were not working for my team. I was given new tools to use and encouraged to “step outside my box” of handling without feeling over faced. I felt I had enough time to work through the drills in order to come away feeling I had a handle on what to go work on at home.

Highly recommend attending a class, lesson or seminar with Steve.

Mindy Jo and Wrangler, Springfield, MO
I have only been to a few Agility seminars. Steve's was by far the best my husband and I have attended. He speaks clearly to us beginners and really spent the time helping us. If he ever comes back to Springfield, Mo, we will make sure to be there. Thank You Steve for all your help.
Michele & Larry
Loved the seminar. Steve worked with each team as an individual unit instead of forcing the team to implement things that didn't make a match for that team. It didn't matter whether you were running a small dog, fast dog, or Velcro dog; each team came away with what worked well for them and where.
Sherrie & Sawyer
Great seminars! Steve was able to help handler teams at all skill levels. He worked well with many different breeds and speeds of dogs. I am anxious to use some of his ideas and suggestions in trial situations.

Thank you!

Susan and Jet
Steve's seminar was very well organized. We were prepared with information before the seminar. He keeps things simple and practical and is always mindful of the safety of the handler and the dog. I appreciate the way he broke things down so even a beginner could get good information, but at the same time he provided new stuff and new ways to handle a course. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a handling seminar for their club. I know I will attend another one if available.
Linda Scorse, DVM Joplin, MO
I went into this seminar thinking I was too old and my dog was too slow to compete in AKC agility. Boy was I surprised. Thank you Steve for showing me the steps necessary to get from Point A to Point B. Sunny and I are looking forward to competing as a new team.
Becky Frakes
I really enjoyed Steve's style of teaching it is very much tailored to each person he is working with. Steve really gives you your moneys worth; he is a very hard worker. Everyone I talked to at the seminars wants Steve to come back so they can continue their agility education. Thank you so much for a great weekend of learning and performing new handling skills.
Carol Baron

2014-Sep Course? What Course?, Super Skills! and International Skills Applied

Steve is such a clear instructor/presenter and he makes it very easy to understand what I need to add, tweak or try so that my cues are more appropriate for what I'm needing my dog to do. He has a great "eye" for agility and I LOVE how he teaches the team . . . not just the sequence and/or move. I feel like I come back from his seminars with a good understanding of what I can do better to make my teamwork with my dog better. Awesome!
Steve put on an amazing seminar! For someone who was leery about signing up for a seminar on International Skills because I had no experience in that area, I found he broke the handling down in such a way as to make it logical and fun. By the time it was over I had developed a whole new respect and even greater trust for both my dog and my handling skills. Thank you so much and we will definitely be taking one of your seminars again!
Britt Mitchell & Callie
The great thing about this class is that I am now less intimidated about remembering the course!
Jdee Richardson
I have never left one of Steve's seminars without having gained some great pieces of advice. He makes all teams feel like they belong there no matter what breed you are running. I really enjoy his teaching style. If you ever get a chance to participate in one of his seminars do "Try it! You'll like it!"
Pat in KY
This is a class you definitely should take!
Shelby Layne
Taking seminars with the Agility Nerd is always fun and informative. He has a knack for knowing when and how to challenge you to push your handling past your comfort zone in a positive and supportive way. I always come away with new information and more confidence in myself.
Susan & Moon
The Agility Nerd's style is "Supa" cool! Steve's funny character puts participant's nerves at ease and captivates the group. His simplicity helps any handler conquer the most complex courses with grace, humor, and fun! We will participate in many more nerdy events!
Starla and her Cosmic "CRASH" Landing!
The different handling techniques were individually presented to each team to make them successful. I feel like we walked away with many tools to run courses better.
Kyle & Ever
I would highly recommend everyone to attend an Agility Nerd Seminar! Steve Schwarz is awesome! I did 3 days of Seminars and it was worth every penny. This is a seminar where you will learn something new even if you have already been to one of his seminars or are only there to audit. I would like to thank you for everything you showed us and for the fun time. Learning and fun all rolled into one.
Sherye, Bella, Jasper and Jakob.

2014-Jun Super Skills! and Can You Handle It?

I have been to Steve’s seminars twice. I absolutely love them. He individually works with you and any issues you want to work on. I have a very fast dog & Steve helped me to find ways to stay ahead & worked on my front crosses. He is patient & encourages you to try to work out of your comfort zone. I would recommend his seminar if you have a fast dog or one that needs encouragement. Steve is positive with students and understands dogs.

Kathy Mueller & Pace

Steve is amazing at knowing what each dog needs from the handler and what the handler can do to get the most out of each dog. It didn’t take long for my girl to be much more responsive to my cues because I learned how to get her useful information more quickly. She went from guessing what I wanted to knowing and we became a very finely tuned team. That makes for a happy, happy dog.


Steve’s combination of observation, knowledge and teaching skills, along with his good natured and non-judgmental encouragement to try new skills made for an amazing weekend seminar. Handling maneuvers that were outside my comfort zone suddenly became skills that I could surprisingly perform and will continue to practice and perfect. I would definitly reccomend his seminar.

Maggie D.

This was one of the best agility seminars that I’ve ever attended. I walked away with alot of new ideas to try with my dog. I consider any seminar a success when I get just one “ah ha” moment to take away from it. I had a multitude of “ah ha” moments at this seminar.

There was a nice balance between the lecture and working portions of the seminar, and Steve’s presentation style lent itself well to a variety of learning styles. If I have the opportunity to attend another one of Stever’s seminars, I’ll do it in a heart beat!

Lynn Uram

Steve gave us new tools. Not only on the mechanics, but also on how to think about courses. I know that those tools will benefit us at future trials.

Michelle & Blue
I really enjoyed these seminars. It helped me learn more about myself as a handler and how to handle my dog better. I also gained skills in handling and will soon be the queen of front crosses!

Steve blends numerous handling styles, utilizing whatever works for the individual dog and handler. For each sequence of obstacles he suggests several methods of handling, encouraging the clinicians to try all to find out which works best for them.

Joanne M. Weber
Concepts were made clear and we had time to put these concepts into practice. Often we get lots of theory but no practice with the actual running of a dog. Steve's pedagogy is great. He's non-judgemental and gave everyone lots of help with their issues.

He is relaxed and has a good sense of humor. I really like his analytical approach and he is not dogmatic about using only this method or that method. He could also adjust his teaching for every level of handler/dog. From the least to the most experienced, the handler/dog teams were given practical advice. Steve was very respectful of all attendees. With the number of dogs in the workshops I thought his time management was great. Equality all around for the attendees. We had fun and got lots of good feedback and information that we can employ in continuing training. This nerd rocks!

Susan Kruman

2014-May Super Skills! Can You Handle It?

Steve Schwarz is an knowledgeable, fun, upbeat and approachable instructor. He combines just the right amount of information and skills with good humor in his seminars to make attending well worth the time and money. He has a strong eye for assessing little things that can make a big difference in your team’s success and then is able to present that to you in an easy to understand and apply manner. Thanks for all your help Steve!

Paula and Allie

Steve teaches handlers and dogs with great respect and kindness regardless of skill level. This is not always true of teachers - but it is of great teachers.

Jane and Quinn

What a great weekend! Everyone who attended benefitted, no matter what their level of expertise. Great atmosphere of fun-filled learning. Steve makes new concepts clear with wonderful analogies. Would definitely attend another seminar.

Merrielle and Nancy Grace

Steve gives information in a clear and simple way to understand and then spends time helping your team get it right. He teaches there is more than one way to accomplish the same thing as handlers and teams are not the same. I really learned during this seminar.

Peggy Kraus and Casey

Lots of new information I can easily immediately incorporate into our agility routine, start lines,ways to look at the courses. Thank you for being kind and generous to us all even when we didn’t get it right away.

Cindy and Derby from Indiana.

Steve took the time with each person & dog with a working spot. He remembered some of the dogs or handler’s names, making us (me) feel that this wasn’t the first time we had met. This was my first agility seminar…and I loved it. I would attend an “Agility Nerd” seminar again.

Thanks Steve for making us laugh and putting us at ease!

Sandy & Magic

The seminars were outstanding. I had “take home” information from each one of them. I will definitely attend another in the future.

Susan Armstrong

I was completely satisfied with the Agility Nerd’s seminar. Steve presented concepts in a way that made it easy to understand. He worked with each team of handler/dog so that their individual needs were addressed. I learned more in one weekend than I have in one year of training. I was at ease with his humorous, laid back style which allowed me to learn in a relaxed state. I felt like he sincerely wanted me to learn the skills I need to successfully navigate my dog around an agility course while having fun.

Beth McKay and Mocha

This seminar was pitch perfect for our group. Steve is obviously passionate about complex “international” handling but it was so heartening to see that he brought the same attention, energy and humor to each team no matter their level of expertise or how basic the handling. He could challenge the more experienced yet celebrate the simple successes of the novice handlers. This was a great experience and we’re looking forward to having him return.

Marla Boatwright