Sports Bras for Agility Competitors

05 Aug 2010Steve Schwarz

I was late to Dana Pike’s class this week, due to taking Meeker to TOPS, and as I walked in Dana said I needed to blog about the most comfortable brands and models of sports bras to wear for agility. Apparently this was a topic of discussion before class. So here are my thoughts on this piece of agility equipment.

I am sure a comfortable, cool and supportive bra would be just as important as any other piece of handler sportswear. If you aren’t comfortable while training, competing and waiting around your performance will suffer. I know I prefer certain brands of shoes, socks, shirts, shorts and warmups.

I’m not quite overweight enough for a Seinfeld-esque bro or manzier, so I can’t give any personal recommendations. But I did do some Googling and found this site that collects reviews from magazines like Runner’s World, Women’s Health, and Fitness magazines, etc. and rates their products. Here is a link to their reviews of sports bras:

I was initially surprised by their cost, but then I considered the cost of other sporting clothes and then they are at least in the ball park.

If you have any recommendations, comments, likes, dislikes on sports bras that you’d like to share with agility competitors please add them in the comments!

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