Titling in Agility

24 Feb 2024Steve Schwarz

If you haven’t seen this yet, check out Frankie Joiris’ post on titling. I think she puts it wonderfully. If you enjoy earning titles then ROCK ON! If not, then don’t. Just #dontbeadick to folks who don’t feel like you do.

When I started in agility I didn’t trial at all. I was definitely in the training is more fun/less stressful than trialing category. Friends finally convinced me to compete in UKC and some AKC and local trial placements and titles were how I figured I was “doing well”. IIRC Mr. Peabody earned a UKC grand championship. Meeker and Flyer earned multiple USDAA ADCH’s and assorted other titles in multiple organizations.

I didn’t understand some trainers/friends who didn’t care about titles. They were competing mostly to earn qualifications to get to national events or qualifiers for world teams. Over time with Flyer, and definitely Snap!, I’ve transitioned to that kind of thinking. I like going to the big events, with bigger courses and different handling challenges. I’m not actively looking to complete titling requirements. If they happen great! I’ll brag, celebrate and buy the cake!!

Enjoy playing this sport with your dogs however suits you and keeps you and your teammates happy!

Photo courtesy of Frankie Joiris.

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