Recovering from a Disappointing Agility Practice

13 Apr 2024Steve Schwarz

FB asks what’s on my mind? Recovering from a disappointing agility practice. At class on Wed night, I ran the course below with Snap! at 24” (his 2nd week at that height - normally at 22”) and we dropped well over half the bars. I was really frustrated! Worked through the sequence with me marking and fixing each jump; but never felt like we mastered the sequence. I joked I was going to go cry in my car.

Dana Pike Training Course
Dana Pike Training Course

So it takes me a long time to “just let go” when I’m frustrated/disappointed with myself. I’m not one of those people who can give myself X minutes and let it go. I stew on things.

An aside: I tried another approach at the UKI Invitational when I messed up a pentathlon run where Snap! was perfect. I forced all my friends to hear me recount my screw up. Not sure it drove it out of my mind any sooner. But, I’m very thankful everyone listened and commiserated with me <3 The next day I had let it go.

On the ride home I was able to think more clearly about what was going wrong. Almost all the dropped bars were edge on slices/threadle slices… now I’ve got something to work on!

TL;DR: feel what you feel. Then set a plan (or ask your trainer to help with a plan). Then work the plan.

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