24 inch Weave Pole Spacing Survey Results

26 Aug 2009Steve Schwarz

Last week Susan Garrett started a survey a weave pole spacing for USDAA and the results are now in. 2658 people completed the survey and over 1500 said they are actively involved in USDAA.

1. Do you think USDAA should change their weave pole variance to include the option of having 24" spacing? Yes   94.7% No     5.4% With 428 people leaving a written comment 2. Do you think USDAA should eliminate the option for clubs to use weave pole bases that are less than 22" wide? Yes  87.5% No   12.5% With 315 written comments 3. Do you compete in USDAA agility with your dog? Yes                                  60.6% Not yet but intend on it               26.2% No but I would if they made the change to 24" weave pole bases. 7.2% No, I do not compete, nor do I have any plans to compete in USDAA agility                               6.8% With 388 written comments.
CleanRun had a survey asking website readers "What's the ideal weave pole spacing?" in May of 2009 and 82 % of 1910 respondents were in favor of 24 inch spacing (the survey results here).

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