Reverse Flow Pivot/False Turn

10 Aug 2004Steve Schwarz

A Reverse Flow Pivot (RFP), also called a False Turn, is used to move the dog horizontally towards the handler while ending up with the dog continuing in the direction it started in at the end of the maneuver. It is two front crosses Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross one after the other. The first Front Cross turns the dog towards the handler. The handler then Front Crosses again once the dog has moved far enough towards them (as dictated by the course). The handler need not be close to the dog (and likely isn’t) when performing these crosses. In its “purest” form the dog will actually change sides on the handler twice. The RFP is more often used to get a dog to check in with their handler and/or to avoid an off course obstacle often when an obstacle discrimination is performed. The dog will always change their lead leg twice.

Some handlers/trainers make a distinction between a “true” RFP where the dog actually changes side on the first front cross before the handler front crosses again to put the dog back on the side they were on before beginning the RFP. This is in comparison to a Half Cross where the handler starts a front cross but as soon as the dog turns towards the handler the handler turns back towards the dog.

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