Clean Run Magazine

21 Nov 2004Steve Schwarz

Clean Run Magazine is the preeminent Agility magazine for North America. It is required reading for anyone learning or seriously practicing Agility. Each month's issue contains training tips, methodologies, equipment plans, practice courses, and course analyses. The results and handling of USDAA, AKC and World Championship courses are also covered in detail.

Over the past few years the number of quality articles in every issue has steadily increased. Now in every issue there are several articles by the top handlers and instructors in the world.

I remember as a Novice handler some of the terminology and explanations in the magazine were over my head. But with time it started making sense. One of my goals for this website was to remember the areas of the sport that confused me then and try to explain them in my articles.

So if you don’t already have a subscription it is a worthwhile investment.

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