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21 Oct 2010Steve Schwarz

I’m happy to announce For Your Canine in Melrose Park, IL has asked me to give an agility handling seminar. It is titled “Can You Handle It?” and is geared toward helping teams who are competing and looking to improve their handling on course. The seminar will be on Nov 21st in their great new facility. There will only be 10 working teams and unlimited auditors. So if you are working a dog you’ll get a lot of hands on time. Here’s the blurb from the flyer:

A seminar aimed at intermediate and advanced agility teams looking to improve their handling on course. Steve will help you see handling alternatives and help you choose ones appropriate for your team. Teams will run courses and get detailed feedback on improving their execution. Steve encourages and challenges handlers to step out of their comfort zone to find clearer and faster handling for their dogs.

In order to focus on handling and improving handler execution, all dogs must be proficient on all equipment; no remedial equipment training will be covered

I’ve got the courses designed (I was inspired by the USDAA Championship Grand Prix Finals course for the standard course) and I’m working on the handouts with a collection of my handling tips. Eventually I’ll post them here in the blog.

Here’s a link to the flyer and I hope you’ll come see me!

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