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21 Jan 2012Steve Schwarz

I have some agility seminars coming up in the next couple months and I’ve been contacted by a couple other clubs about giving some seminars later in the year. So I finally created a page describing some of the seminars. I’ll try to update it as I come up with more topics. I’m always happy to create/customize seminars to meet the needs of a group of handlers.

I’m also starting to give “mini” seminars on Wed nights at For Your K-9 at the end of alternate class sessions. I think they’ll switch things up and make it possible for people who can’t spare a weekend to come and train with me. They’ll also let me focus on shorter subjects/foundation topics.

I love giving seminars. Seminars gives me time to help handlers see how skills/cues fit into a bigger training/handling picture. Spending time helping handlers improve isn’t just beneficial for the handlers; I enjoy it too!

Hope to see you at a seminar soon!

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