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21 Dec 2004Steve Schwarz

Crissy emailed me about Lindsay Newman's dog agility web blog Brisbee The White. I've just started browsing through the content and it lives up to its title of "The Dog Training Journal". Lindsay discusses the living and training issues the family confronts with posts every couple days.

There is also a lot of video showing training progressions and individual agility and training runs. The size of the files makes DSL or cable required. Check out the videos of London’s obstacle training progressions too. I know from the few video clips I’ve put together how much work is involved in setting up, taping, and editing video for use on the web. So I appreciate the effort that has been put into this site.

The videos I’ve viewed are good for a number of reasons. Lindsay (I guess) demonstrates training their BC London at each step of the progression with a reward (a tennis ball) from all sides of the obstacle. On the teeter she starts with a flat board and rewards for a good touch on the end. She works on sends to the teeter from all sides, calls over the teeter from all sides, sends with handler motion, and sends with partial handler motion. What is even better is the early stages are demonstrated in a room in their house! I love it! I thought I was the only one with Tuff-Spun matting set up in our basement for indoor training in a tight space.

So I’ve added Bisbee The White to my Blogroll of dog related weblogs and will start going through the back posts and videos of this interesting site.

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