All the Dog Agility Blogs!

23 Feb 2013Steve Schwarz

Yep that’s right, now you can read all the Dog Agility Blogs! Agility folk frequently ask me what blogs I read and I finally found a way to collect and organize those blogs so they can be shared.

As you know, since 2011 I’ve helped organize Dog Agility Bloggers to periodically blog on interesting topics and issues that can help improve our sport (here is the Dog Agility Blog Events website where you can find links to all the blog articles). As part of that experience I track all the dog agility blogs that contribute.

Without further ado, here is a Google Reader “bundle” of all the blogs so you can easily add it to your own Google Reader subscription. Or you can add them as a single feed to any feed reader you use. As I add/remove blogs the bundle/feed should update. If you use the bundle you can also unsubscribe from any blog that doesn’t interest you.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to update my Other Blogs page to bring it up to date.

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