Watch YouTube Dog Agility Videos in Slow Motion

15 Aug 2011Steve Schwarz

I recently discovered that YouTube is releasing the ability to watch uploaded videos at two slow motion and two fast motion speeds.

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This new feature is only available in modern browsers and only if you specifically opt in to turn on the new feature (you can also turn it back off if it doesn’t suit your needs). The last caveat is not all videos on YouTube have been converted to support this new feature.

Here is an article describing the simple steps to enable this feature. Ignore the section titled “Search for HTML5 Videos” - just search for videos as you normally would. If you see the word “Speed” in controls for the video player you’ve found one - just click on it to change the speed. I’ve used it and it works nicely in FireFox 4 and Google Chrome.

One thing that can be confusing is the embedded player people use to display videos on their website, blog, etc. doesn’t provide the Speed option. You have to find the video on YouTube and watch it there. Lastly(?), the featured video view on YouTube “channels” also doesn’t provide this feature - you have to go to the page showing the individual video; the page with the video that allows you to add and view comments.

I’ve used it to check striding on contacts and to see just how late I presented cues to Meeker. Hope this is useful for you too!

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