Dog Agility Podcasts in 2023

19 Jan 2023Steve Schwarz

I like to listen to podcasts while I’m driving and working around the house. I remember when Sarah and Esteban first started their Bad Dog Agility podcast! I asked the sharp followers of AgilityNerd on Facebook for their favorite dog agility podcasts and I collected them in this post for easy access. I haven’t listened to each of these yet; I’d love to know your thoughts!

Dog Agility Podcasts

Bad Dog Agility - Esteban and Sarah

Cog-Dog Radio - Sarah Stremming

The Agility Challenge - Daisy Peel

Fostering Excellence in Agility - Megan Foster

Go-Get-’Em Agility Podcast

Canine High Jinks - Elissa Looney & Whitney Taylor

Running My Course - Jordyn Baker and McKenzie Minto

The Agility Rose - Talk n’ Train Podcast - Elise Finney

The Wrong End of the Tunnel - Dave Munnings and Chris Kerton

4 Paw Sports - Geoff Nieder and Mary Drexler

McCann Dogs Agility - After Class Podcast - Kayl McCann

Startline - Michele Levitt and Cara Armour

From the Dog’s Perspective - OneMind Dogs

Non-English Podcasts

Agility aufs Ohr - Mirjam Knauer and Jan Dießner

Agilitypodden - Fanny Gott and Johannes Bjaaland

Dog Sports

Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast - Melissa Breau

The Kathy Keats Show - Kathy Keats

The Q Coach Pod - Mindset Coaching for Handlers - Julie Bacon

General Dog Training

Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett - Susan Garrett

Drinking From the Toilet: Real dogs, Real training - Hannah Branigan

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