04 Jun 2006Steve Schwarz


Nancy Reyes at For Your Canine just introduced me to the Karen Pryor i-Click! clicker. Before I used this clicker I figured “a clicker is just a clicker”. But while teaching Meeker to target my hand I found it was really awkward to hold the clicker and treats in one hand and actually click the clicker when he nose touched my other hand.

The i-Click! has a protruding button you press to make the click. This lets you put the clicker in your pocket and then just push on your pocket to make the click sound. Or you can put the clicker under your foot and just step lightly on it to click. Put a stretchy lanyard on the clicker, put it around your wrist and just press your wrist to your side/leg to click.

Another benefit of this clicker is it is also quieter than other clickers and that helped Meeker get over his initial concern over the sound of a regular clicker.

So I guess I don’t think “a clicker is just a clicker” anymore. It is definitely easier to use the i-Click! (although not easier to type its name) than a traditional clicker.

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