Mr. Peabody Responds to Subcutaneous Deoxycholate Injections

01 Jun 2006Steve Schwarz

Yesterday Mr Peabody received his second two Deoxycholate injections for treating the Lipoma on his left hip. After his first injections Nancy and I felt that his lump was getting softer and he seemed to be using his left leg more than before the treatment.

Dr. Boria remeasured the tumor and found that it had reduced in size by 1 cm in one dimension and 1.5 cm in another dimension. During the visit he injected two sites and used approximately one third more Deoxycholate solution than the first treatment. Interestingly, Dr. Boria seemed less skeptical of this treatment now that he has seen some measurable improvement.

Needless to say, Nancy, my Mom, and I are cautiously optimistic that this treatment will relieve enough pressure on his sciatic nerve that he can soon fully use his left rear leg. We’ve found that tugging, backing up, and a quick trot cause him to put weight on that leg without discomfort. The muscle has really started to atrophy and Nancy wants to start working on building up his strength in that leg.

It has been a battle to keep his Elizabethan collar on since his hip was shaved for the ultrasound used to locate the injection sites. Mr. P just wants to lick at the fur that is growing in; it must be itchy. He has always been a licker at shaved sites. In just one day he has found a way to defeat his No Bite collar too… He’s a crafty one.

So please keep Mr. Peabody in your thoughts, I’ll update you when we see more progress.

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