Mr. Peabody CT Scan Update

17 Mar 2006Steve Schwarz

Nancy took Mr. Peabody to VCA Aurora Animal Hospital to see Radiation Oncologist specialist Jayme Looper, DVM, Diplomate ACVR (Radiation Oncology). Dr. Looper took X-Rays and a CT scan of his tumor and took some biopsies. We found Dr. Looper to be compassionate, articulate, and able to clearly outline our treatment options.

The CT scan found that Mr. P’s lipoma has spread around his hip and in the future may impinge on his sciatic nerve and the blood supply to his hind leg. So at some point it could be quite painful or cause damage to his leg. The spreading nature of the tumor is such that there is no realistic possibility of surgical removal without amputating his leg and removing half his left pelvis. And even then it wouldn’t guarantee that another tumor wouldn’t start within months in a nearby area. That would just be too much to put our little guy through and would be terrible for his quality of life. We’ve decided that is a treatment path we won’t subject him too.

Due to recent radiation on that leg we have to wait about another month before even considering additional radiation on that leg in hopes of stopping/slowing the tumor growth. Due to our decision to not take a surgical approach, Dr. Looper is recommending we delay radiation treatment until the tumor begins to affect Mr. P’s function. Then we have several radiation treatment options.

In the meantime, Nancy found an herbal tumor treatment, recommended by some friends, that we’ll try. It is said to help slow or possibly shrink tumors. If it helps I’m all for it.

At this point we want to maximize the quality time our guy has, he is so happy, energetic and otherwise healthy it is just killing us that this damn non-cancerous tumor could be the thing that takes him from us. If we could stop its growth (or slow its growth rate) Mr. P could continue to plague us with his Frisbee and chase his brother for quite some time.

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