Mr. Peabody Update

31 Oct 2005Steve Schwarz

Mr Peabody completed his radiation treatmentsat Veterinary Speciality Center a couple weeks ago. There were no signs of radiation burns during the treatment and Mr. P didn't show any discomfort, loss of appetite (as if!), or lethargy (again as if). The worst part of the treatment for him appeared to be sitting in the waiting room for the few minutes prior to treatment. He would just shake and press up against you, even lots of petting wasn't enough to calm him. The radiation techs Rich and Joe were just great with Mr. P, but he was clearly reluctant to go through the procedure anymore by the end of the 20 days.

In the two weeks since the treatment some redness appeared near the site of the incision for his tumor surgery during the first week. Mr. P started to lick at it the red area so Nancy, in spite of my my mother’s protestations, put the cone on him. (BTW - Mr. P dislikes the cone so much he’ll purposely use it to ram into you or Milo, earning him the new nickname “Cone-On the Barbarian” - hey I didn’t make it up…). Nancy continued applying Emu oil and Traumeel cream to the area and it cleared up in 3-4 days. Mr. P is now redness and cone free.

Some of Mr. P’s hair has been falling out in parts of the radiation area, but other hair in the area is growing nicely so we’ll see what happens over time. The emu oil has been working nicely on his bald elbows, little fuzz is growing back. Who knows, it could be the next male baldness remedy.

I took Mr. Peabody in Friday for his followup with his Oncologist Dr. Hintermeister. He looked Mr. P over and was very happy with his progress. He liked the look of Mr. P’s leg and recommended monthly checks for tumors; Nancy checks him pretty much daily when he gets his massage/stretch. But we will take him in to our “GP” vet Dr. Young periodically too. So all we can do now is wait and see if the radiation has stopped future tumor growth in that area.

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