Mr. Peabody - A Dark Night

21 Feb 2005Steve Schwarz

It seems like everytime we think we have Mr. Peabody’s eye situation under control something really scary happens. Last week I blogged that his laser eye surgery appeared to have reduced his eye pressure into the normal range and we had started reducing his medications.

Last night, as we were about to feed Mr. P and Milo, Mr. Peabody started walking into things and “getting lost” in the kitchen. It was clear that he couldn’t see. We calmed him, got him fed, pottied and took him immediately to the Chicago Emergency Veterinary Services on Clybourn in Chicago. Eye Care For Animals uses the same facility during the day and we knew they had a Tonopen for taking his eye pressure.

We didn’t know what to think - was it just a medication problem or had his retina become detached? The staff was really helpful and got us blanket and we all sat on the floor with Mr. P and petted him while waiting (it is funny the effect Mr. Peabody has on people, they just want to pet and cuddle him). His eye pressure (IOC) was unmeasurable so at least his glaucoma was under control.

After an emergency page to Eye Care for Animals, Dr. Agapito called back the emergency doctor and we returned Mr. Peabody’s meds for inflammation back to the levels of last week. We took him home and Nancy crated him so he wouldn’t bump around the house and get hurt or scared.

Nancy gave him some more eye drops at 3:00 AM and thought he seemed to notice his surroundings… In the morning he could definitely see! She took him into Dr. Agapito at 10:00 AM and he received a Prednisolone injection into his eye. The current thinking is the inflammation in his eye is causing him to not see or not see clearly. He’ll go back in a week from Wednesday and see if the Prednisolone can get his inflammation under control.

So we still don’t know what is causing the inflammation or what it will take to get rid of it. At this point every day of sight is a gift.

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