Mr. Peabody Double Doctor Day

18 Feb 2005Steve Schwarz

First off don’t worry both visits brought good news.

Yesterday Nancy brought Mr. Peabody to Eye Care For Animals on Clybourn in Chicago for his first checkup in a week (it was strange not having to go to any doctor’s offices in a whole week). We’d noticed that he seemed to be seeing almost as well as before his glaucoma attack. Doctors Gerding and Bobofchak were delighted in how his eye had responded to the laser surgery. They were almost surprised that he could still see at all and that he could see as well as he still does.

They took his eye pressure with a reading of 11 mm Hg in his blind eye and 2 mm Hg in his sighted eye. Both are perfect pressures. He still has some inflammation in his sighted eye but it is reduced from before his attack.

So they took him off oral Methazolomide and are reducing his oral Prednisolone this week. If he keeps improving, next week they are hoping to take him off Cosopt and Pred-G. We are still concerned about the inflammation but the Doctors are satisfied that it is subsiding.

Later in the day Mr. Peabody and Milo went to see Dr. Share Siwek DVM at Kindred Spirits Healing Arts in Skokie Illinois to adjust Mr. Peabody’s holistic medicines. Dr. Siwek was also impressed by Mr. Peabody’s condition. She thought he has strong Chi to be able to battle all that he has faced this path month and look so good. We’ve always thought and felt that he is a very strong and resilient dog. Although he can be strong willed too :^).

Milo got to “go too” (Milo is happiest when he can go anywhere with the rest of the pack) and was promptly spoiled with cookies by Dr. Siwek and her assistant. Milo still has a bald patch on his left front bicep where he was getting shaved for the therapeutic ultrasound treatments for his bicep tendon injury. So Dr. Siwek took a look at him and prescribed a treatment to help stimulate hair regrowth (hmmm maybe we can try Minoxodil if that doesn’t work :^).

So whether or not it is his Chi being in balance that has helped him keep bouncing back, we’re just happy Mr. Peabody is doing well.

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