Happy 2nd B-Day Petey!

26 Feb 2009Steve Schwarz

Well today is Petey’s second birthday. In this past year his coat is really filling out and he has grown a bit of a “goat beard” on his chest. So much so that his legs look skinny underneath his fluffy body. While I still call him the “Puppy”, and his small head and short muzzle make him look puppy-like, he is definitely all grown up.

He is always looking for something (often naughty) to do that might get you to play with him. One of his favorites is to steal sponges from the sink so he can start a chase game going. He knows he shouldn’t do it and he’ll drop it when you ask him, but he just wants to get you involved in some play.

Even after two years he still tries multiple times a day to get Milo to play with him. He’ll run up to Milo and play bow and poor Milo just doesn’t understand. Petey has become one of Meeker’s favorites though. Meeker will try to instigate a chase game with Petey as soon as Milo takes a break. The two of them love to tear around the backyard or even around the dining room table. Petey, being the clever one, will just lope around the table while Meeker tears around as fast as he can, and barks when Petey changes directions or stops. It is quite a chaotic and “lively” little scene.

Here is a picture of him taken by Karen Hollis of Sirius Pet Images over the holidays. We haven’t ordered our official copies yet, so this is a low res scan of her wonderful photo.

Petey is Two

Petey is

His sweet nature keep you from getting angry with him when he is being mischevious; the little guy is one smart cookie with a heart of gold.

Happy Birthday Monster!

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