Happy Birthday Milo

14 Nov 2005Steve Schwarz

Well today is my birthday and when Nancy adopted Milo from Illini Border Collie Rescue she decided November 14th should be his birth date too. So while I’m still “39”, we think Milo is 7 years old today (although he’ll always act like he is still 2).

No big celebration for either of us but Nancy found this unusual bumper sticker and customized it for me:

One by one, the Border Collies slowly steal my sanity

I’ll have to add that sticker and this other “Border Collie” :^) related one she got me to my car:

British Columbia Country Sticker

We drove around lovely Victoria, British Columbia a few years ago and, as a side goal of our seafood dining quest, couldn’t find one of these stickers to save our lives. Thanks to the internet, not only am I happy, but the Border Collie owners on our holiday list will be taken care of.

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