Mr. Peabody Update

07 Jan 2005Steve Schwarz

Sorry for the delay in updating Mr. Peabody’s medical status. With the holiday weekend the lab didn’t handle his “expedited” specimen until Wednesday. The results were inconclusive, apparently this is not unusual with certain types of tumors.

So we scheduled a visit with VCA Aurora Animal Hospital where yesterday we say Dr. Pedro Boria DVM an Oncologist. So Mr. P had three chest X-Rays to rule out migration of tumor cells, a CT scan of his hind end, and numorous additional biopsies of the tumor.

The X-Rays came back negative. The CT scan showed the tumor was sizable (don’t have the numbers with me) but it was encapsulated; it didn’t co-mingle with surrounding tissue. This should make removal easier. Aside from the fear of cancer, Dr. Boria is concerned that at one point the tumor is quite close to the pelvis so some removal of the pelvis may be required. The amount of additional material to be removed will be dictated by the biopsy results.

Dr. Boria will be sending off the biopsy samples to University of Colorado for evaluation. Once the results come back, early next week, he’ll consult with a surgeon at VCS and come back with a recommendation.

Mr. Peabody was pretty groggy when we took him home. But this morning he was “plagueing” us with his Frisbee although with a more pronounced skip in his rear leg. I’m sure this is due to all the “holes” punched in his leg. He’ll be on anti-inflamatory meds for a couple days. I love it when Veterinary professionals say things like “He should rest and have minimal activity”… he’s a Border Collie… they don’t understand rest!

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