Mr. Peabody - Tumor Surgery Scheduled

14 Jan 2005Steve Schwarz

We got some good news this week. The laboratory results came back for the biopsies taken from Mr Peabody and no neoplastic cells were found. That means that we shouldn’t have to worry about the tumor metastasizing or spreading. Nancy spoke with Mr. Peabody’s oncologist,

Dr. Pedro Boria DVMat VCA Aurora Animal Hospital, and he is proposing surgery to remove the tumor and possibly radiation treatment.

Nancy also saw Dr. Share Siwek DVM at Kindred Spirits Healing Arts in Skokie Illinois for Mr. Peabody’s monthly visit to adjust his holistic medicines. Since Mr. P’s eye pressure started increasing Nancy started looking into alternative meds to reduce the pressure in his eyes. Dr. Siwek mentioned that we should consider a second opinion before going ahead with the surgery. She recommended that we contact Dr. Gendreau at Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove, IL. We’d seen him years ago when Mr. P had an occasional slight limp in his right rear leg, but could find no physiological explanation. Turned out that stretching was sufficient to alleviate this symptom.

Dr. Gendreau is well known in this area, and I believe nationally, for his surgical work on difficult orthopedic and neurological cases. We couldn’t get an appointment with him for another four weeks. But, due to a cancelled appointment, we were able to get an appointment with one of his associates Dr. Mitch Robbins. Dr. Robbins is also a very well regarded surgeon who focuses on cancer and soft tissue surgeries. During our meeting with Dr. Robbins we both felt he was very experienced and capable. He reviewed the CT scans, X-Rays and took a look at Mr. Peabody.

Mr. Peabody is normally the model patient for a Veterinarian. Unlike my Mom who thinks he can do no wrong, I say this because the literally dozen Veterinary professionals who’ve seen Mr. P often comment on his demeanor. No matter the discomfort of the procedure Mr. P puts up with it without any difficulty.

But today as Dr. Robbins asked Mr. P to come to him, Mr. P just backed up into the corner of the room with his tail between his legs and lay down. Nancy noticed him doing this at Dr. Siwek’s office too (and he loves Dr. Siwek). We think Mr. P is finally just tired of doctors either taking his temperature or checking his prostate. I can’t say I blame him. Once Mr. Peabody was standing for the doctor he was resigned to his fate. He didn’t resist in any way and Dr. Robbins promised him that no indignities would be inflicted on his person.

We really liked Dr. Robbins. He is very experienced and answered all of our questions. Most importantly he understood that this isn’t just a tumor that needs to be removed, the manner of removal affects Mr. Peabody’s quality of life too. The tumor appears to be well encapsulated so there is a good chance that it can be removed without much removal of surrounding muscle tissue. Dr. Robbins understands that Mr. P isn’t old and, being a Border Collie, isn’t ready to lay around on the couch just yet. So Dr. Robbins was looking to fully remove the tumor but not take any more tissue than necessary, and he certainly didn’t want to remove Mr. P’s leg as Dr. Boria mentioned might be necessary. He also mentioned that he would leave small metal markers around the margin of the tumor so they could be seen on X Rays if the tumor comes back in the future or if radiation therapy was required (to guide the orientation of the radiation beam).

So based on this informative meeting we’ve scheduled Mr. Peabody’s surgery for next Wednesday morning. If the tumor comes out easily he’ll be able to come home that night otherwise he’ll have to stay overnight. Dr. Robbins mentioned that no physical therapy should be required; Mr. P will be on pain meds for a week or two and should have minimal activity until he heals fully.

Thanks again to all of Mr. Peabody’s friends who’ve been so supportive during this stressful time. Now that we are moving toward resolution both Nancy and I feel that a weight is lifting from our shoulders…

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