Mr. Peabody - Out of Surgery

24 Aug 2005Steve Schwarz

As I reported last week, Mr. Peabody was scheduled for an Oncology appointment prior to having his tumor surgically removed yesterday. Well there was a screw up at the clinic and we only saw Dr. John Hintermeister for the Oncology consult.

He didn’t really have much to say that we didn’t already know. A couple weeks after surgery Mr. P. will have four weeks of radiation five days a week. He’ll have to anesthetized each time and, apart from that danger, he may have some radiation burning of the skin on his leg. The hair on his leg may fall out, not grow back, or grow back with a different color or texture. The upside is there is often a prolonged period in which the tumors don’t reappear.

So we took Mr. P back today and he was operated on for an hour and a half by Dr. Mitch Robbins. He described the visible part of the tumor as like an iceberg, the majority of the tumor had wrapped around the leg muscles and at one point moved down towards the femur. He believes he was able to remove the tumor in its entirety. But the aggressive growth/spread of the tumor makes it even clearer that we need to pursue the radiation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Peabody has to stay overnight at the clinic. Nancy will pick him up in the morning and take him home, where his Grandma can treat him like the royalty that she believes his is.

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