Mr. Peabody - Lipoma Surgery Scheduled

19 Aug 2005Steve Schwarz

Last month we took Mr. Peabody in to see surgeon Dr. Mitch Robbins. Mr. P's left rear hip muscle had developed a second fatty tumor (a Lipoma). We all felt we should see how fast it was growing before rushing right into surgery. So we scheduled a recheck in two months.

Over these past six weeks Nancy has been measuring the tumor and it has nearly doubled in size during this time. Just this week he started showing a little discomfort in that leg as he descends the back stairs; he’ll hold it up every couple stairs. Otherwise he is charging around as usual. So we got an earlier appointment and went in to see Dr. Robbins yesterday.

Dr. Robbins was also concerned with the rapid tumor growth. Since this is the second tumor in the same area we are faced with recurring operations on Mr. P as the tumors come back or surgery and followup radiation. Dr. Robbins feels the location of the tumor allows for radiation treatment with minimal side effects, since the radiation will be directed away from the core of Mr. P’s body.

So we’ve setup a consultation with an Oncologist for next Tuesday AM and then Mr. P will have the tumor removed that afternoon. Three weeks after the surgery the radiation treatments will begin for 15-20 days. We are really concerned about the need to have Mr. P be sedated so many times for the radiation. He has a very low resting heart rate and although he isn’t quite as lean as he was when he was actively competing he still has pretty low body fat. Both conditions make careful dosing and monitoring of anesthesia critical.

So now we just wait and fret up to and through the surgery. Please keep Mr. P in your thoughts. I’ll update the site on Tuesday when we know more.

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