Mr. Peabody - Another Lipoma

08 Jul 2005Steve Schwarz

The other day I noticed that Mr. Peabody’s left rear hip muscle felt different from his right side. It didn’t feel right at all. He had surgery this past Jan to remove a fatty tumor (a Lipoma) from between the muscles of his left leg. So we took Mr. Peabody in to his surgeon Dr. Mitch Robbins a couple days ago to get his opinion.

Dr. Robbins checked him out and felt that this was another Lipoma and was definitely not in the same location as the previous surgery. This time the lump is on the outside of the muscle and far enough from major blood vessels and nerves that it shouldn’t effect Mr. Peabody at all.

We have the options of: surgery, a radiation treatment program (18-20 radiation sessions with anesthesia each time), or doing nothing. At this point we all decided that the tumor is still relatively small and there was no need to put take any immediate action. So we’ll measure Mr. P’s leg and track the size of the tumor over time. If it starts to interfere with his motion then we’ll see about taking some action.

At least this time we think we have the experience of the previous surgery and recovery; so we know what to expect should we go down that path. Mr. P doesn’t seem to care about his little lump - he was plenty happy getting his cookies as we left the Dr’s office…

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