Mr. Peabody Recovery and Oncologist Visit

15 Sep 2005Steve Schwarz

Mr. Peabody has healed beautifully these past two weeks. Due in no small part to Nancy’s ministrations. It was really disappointing how little post surgery information we were given. Basically, limited exercise, rest, no stairs, etc. This time Nancy called Dr. Share Siwek DVM at Kindred Spirits Healing Arts and Dr. Laurie McCauley DVM at TOPS Veterinary Rehab for post surgery treatment suggestions. So based on their feedback she gave Mr. P Traumeel three times a day, did the

Hot and Cold protocol three times a day, and applied Emu oil on his shaved leg, razor burns and the suture site. She also stretched and massaged him once or twice a day. What a great nurse!

You could tell he actually liked the compresses as he would lie down and happily remain in place for the whole time. Compared to last time, when we didn’t think to ice him, there was much less redness and almost no swelling of his leg.

Within two or three days Mr. P was trying to tear around and play with his toys. Now, three weeks after his surgery, he has a fine coating of hair over the whole area (including the suture sites) and he looks great. He would play at his full activity level if we let him.

We took Mr Peabody in to see his Oncologist Dr. Hintermeister at Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove, IL

this morning. The idea was to determine the radiation protocol for treating his hip to hopefully reduce the chances of these tumors returning. We are still really nervous about having him under anesthesia every day.

So he’ll go through 20 days of radiation (Monday-Friday for four weeks). We take him up and his treatment takes 45 minutes to an hour each day. Then we can take him home. He’ll get some amount of “radiation” burn on his skin that will take 2-3 weeks post radiation to heal.

Dr. Hintermeister indicated that for infiltrative limpoma’s he saw studies reporting that radiation treatment gave dog’s an average of 16 months free from tumors in the treated area. That included dogs for which no tumor removal operation was performed; which should improve the treatment. So we are hopeful that this treatment will at least extend Mr. Peabody’s tumor free life.

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