Dearlove Nested Class Course - May 25 & June 1 2006

22 May 2006Steve Schwarz

The Intermediate teams work a sequence opening with a Serpentine Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence where the third obstacle is the tunnel. Then a long curving, jumping sequence to the table. The close is sort of a Pin Wheel into a 180 degree jump. There are two Advanced group sequences containing Serpentine/Pin Wheel combinations. Each has a long jumping sequence that can be handled as a Gamble. If necessary the jumps surrounding the tunnel could be moved closer to tunnel, allowing handlers to work on taking the jumps at a distance without running with the dog around the outside of the tunnel’s curve.

Course Setup

Course Setup

Intermediate Class

Intermediate Course Sequence

The usual drill: have the handlers walk the course and run it once without any specified handling. Then discuss the following handling options:

  • Does handling the 1-2-3 Serpentine from one side help? Which side? What about the off course jump 5-11?
  • Where do you want to be to handle jump 4? You'll need to run for 4-5-6-7-8-9... so you might not want to "baby sit" the tunnel exit.
  • How are you going to handle jumps 11 and 12? Does this affect where you'll be leaving the table? Do you have a Lead Out?
  • From the tunnel to jump 11 you could Rear Cross Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross or Front Cross Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross or Front Cross followed by a Post Turn Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn. Will you be ahead of your dog at the tunnel exit?
  • From 11 to 12 again you have a choice of Front or Rear Crossing on the take off side of the jump. For Milo and I I'd lean toward two Front Crosses.
  • Jump 12 to jump 13 can be handled with the dog on the handler's right and call into the handler or a reach back (as you would for a single sided Serpentine handling) if the handler is ahead of the dog.

Advanced Class

Advanced Course SequenceAdvanced Course Sequence

Walk it, run it, discuss it, and run it again!

Two sequences for the same setup. The left hand sequence is discussed below:

  • Any benefit to a Lateral Lead Out or Lead Out Pivot? If so, where should you be positioned? Going all the way to the location of the number 9 on the diagram would make the dog's path over jump 2 much straighter and right toward the tunnel. A Lead Out parallel to the dogs path (dog on the handler's left) and Front Crossing over jump 2 (handler on landing side while dog is on take off side). Then the handler can either Post Turn around jump 3 and a Rear Cross when the dog goes into the tunnel or Front Cross again over jump 3.
  • How to get the dog from the tunnel over jump 5 and onto the table? A Rear Cross or Front Cross should both work depending on whether the handler can be ahead of the dog at the tunnel exit.
  • For the 7-8-9-10-11 sequence you might try to handle it as a Gamble by staying on the inside of the tunnel's curve. Otherwise it is Lead Out from the table (watch the tunnel off course) and run!
  • The closing 12-13-14 is just a Serpentine that can be handled with the dog on the handler's right. Just make sure you don't get stuck at the tunnel entrance or your dog will beat you out of the tunnel.

Please add your comments and handling approach for this course below!

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