Dearlove Nested Class Course - Apr 20 & 27 2006

17 Apr 2006Steve Schwarz

A pretty straightforward course for warming up at the beginning of the season. The layout is a Chinese Boot Lace together with a Jump Chute. The layout lets handlers work on Lead Outs, sends to the table, Serpentines Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence, and Pin Wheels. Portions of the layout can also be used for working just the individual skills listed above.

This season I’ve decided to not include proposed courses for Beginners as I won’t be helping train these groups and I don’t want to propose exercises that don’t meet the student’s needs. As always obstacle spacing is only approximate, modify to fit your needs.

Course Setup

Course Setup

Intermediate Class

Intermediate Course Sequence

The usual drill: have the handlers walk the course and run it once without any specified handling. Then discuss the following handling options:

  • Any benefit to a Lead Out? If so, where should you be positioned? How far can you send your dog down the jump chute to the table?
  • Where do you want to be to handle the semi Pin Wheel? Any point to Front Crossing Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross over jump 7 on the way to the tunnel?
  • Where are you going to be when the dog comes out of the tunnel? Which side of the jumps? I'd propose waiting on the landing side of jump 9 almost on the take off of jump 10 and pick up the dog on the handler's right. The 8-9-10-11 sequence can be handled from the same side of the jumps.
  • What about getting from jump 11 to jump 12? I'd propose trying a Post Turn Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn between 10 and 11, followed by a slight push over jump 12. Another approach would be to Front Cross over jump 11 if you can be in position to complete the cross.

Run this sequence in reverse order too.

Advanced Class

Advanced Course Sequence

Walk it, run it, and discuss it!

  • Which side of the line of jumps going up the middle to the tunnel do you want to be on and why? What if you think of 1-2-3 as a Serpentine and 3-4-5 as a Pin Wheel?
  • Any benefit to a Lateral Lead Out or Lead Out Pivot? If so, where should you be positioned?
  • Can you handle 2-3-4-5-6 all along the left side of the course (dog on your right)? Any advantage? A Scoop on the landing side of jump 12 could keep the dog out of the off course tunnel. This might be fun to try.
  • How to handle the "Pin Wheel" of jumps 8-9-10? Post Turn in the middle or Front Cross from 9-10?
  • Which side of the jumps for the closing Serpentine? See my comments for the close of the Intermediate sequence?

Here’s one possible handling. Lead Out Pivot between jump 1 and jump 2. Front Cross over jump 3. Post Turn jump 4 with a Rear Cross on the take off of jump 5 to turn the dog into the tunnel. Wait at the tunnel entrance and call the dog to you and the table immediately upon exit. Post Turn through the Pin Wheel-like 8-9-10 jumps and back into the tunnel. Just like the closing for the intermediate course, get to the landing side of jump 12 nearer to jump 13. Then use classic one-sided Serpentine handling into a Front Cross or end the Serpentine with a Post Turn on the take off side of jump 14.

Please add your comments and handling approach for this course below!

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