Running Dearlove Nested Class Course - June 8 and 15 2006

26 Jun 2006Steve Schwarz

I wanted to setup and run the Dearlove Nested Class Course for June 8 and 15 2006 with Milo. I also wanted to try videotaping the runs and posting them using an online service called YouTube that Lisa B uses on her blog. So this post discusses how we handled these courses. I’ll only show the final runs (the other failed attempts would be just too tedious for anyone but me to watch).

I had to put the video camera on the tripod pretty far away to get in the whole course and even then part of the tunnel is left out of frame. So the video might be hard to make out online. Let me know what you think. I’ll have to look into getting a wide angle lens for my digital video camera. It may be time to get a new video camera while I’m at it. It would be nice to get one with solid state memory to avoid the moving parts associated with digital tape.

Milo’s front feet were still taped up from tearing his pads at camp last month so I didn’t jump him at full height nor did I try many different handling approaches. As it was we got these runs in just before the rain came…

Intermediate Class

Intermediate Course Sequence

In the diagram above I started on the black handler path with a Lead Out Pivot and Front Crossing over jump 3 on the way to the table. You can see I went too deep to jump 3 and Milo landed wide. Then another Lead Out to call Milo over jump 7 and running the green handler path pulling him into me over 8 and pushing Around jump 9 and straight over jump 10 and into the tunnel. Then my plan was to Post Turn Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn through the obstacles as shown in the red handler path. You’ll notice in the video that I did get him over jump 10 but didn’t get him into the tunnel and some how forgot to run the final four obstacles! I think I was so happy about how the threadle went I just spaced the rest of the course out.

Advanced Class Sequence 1

Advanced Course Sequence 1

In the course above I Lead Out to the black handler symbol in the diagram between jumps 2 and 3. Then once Milo landed after jump 2 and turned toward me I just had to rotate and step slightly toward jump 3. Then it took me a couple tries to get my timing and positioning right to send him over jump 4 and get into position on the landing side of jump 6 to pick him up on my left arm. Then I stepped in to Post Turn turn him over 7 and straight on to the tunnel. Once Milo was in the tunnel I got in position to pick him up on my left after jump 9 (green handler path). The handling is the same as for the first time down that side of the course. From the table I Lead Out a little and Post Turned and Rear Crossed to bring Milo over jump 15 (red handler path).

Advanced Class Sequence 2

Advanced Course Sequence 2

I opened with a Lead Out on the Handler Line Handler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross LineUsing the Handler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross Line between jump 1 and the tunnel as shown by the black handler in the diagram. Then I picked up Milo on my right arm over jump 3 and Pushed and Pulled him over the jumps to the table. From the table I was most successful Leading out to the landing side of jump 8 (the green handler symbol) and Pushing Milo over jump 9 so he turned to his right. Then I could use one side Serpentine handling to get him to the 270 at jump 12. Again I had trouble getting him to make the 270 and into the tunnel. So in the video you can see me recollect him and correct my mishandling over the 270; you can also I’m getting tired and lazy in my handling…

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