Spark's Running Dog Walk Practice - Raised Plank

09 Jan 2024Steve Schwarz

I’ve been working on Spark’s RDW. Here’s yesterday’s practice session. He is wrapping an upright about 4’ from the end of the plank that is about 16” off the ground. He was 6/10 good hits in this session. It looks like he is thinking and trying to adjust to hit the mat and he’s starting to pick up speed.

A key was actually having jump uprights to go through. With just a toy or a Manners Minder he wasn’t driving over the mat. But having jump uprights for straight (“Run Run”) or turns (“Left”, “Right”) really gets him running.

It is so nice to have marker words that he understands. He won’t grab the toy unless I cue it (“Get It!). To shorten the video I’ve cut out him bringing it back and our vigorous tugging sessions on good hits. Big thanks to Stacie Cwik and Dana Pike for their help through this learning process!

Love my Sparkle! ⚡️

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