Dog Walk Supports - Stabilizing My Dog Walk

15 Apr 2024Steve Schwarz

I have a ~15 year old dog walk and I wanted to make it more stable. I could see the up/down planks flex and the top plank less so. I asked for recommendations on Facebook and got some good suggestions.

My requirements were:

  • Can’t be wider than the plank and be visible.
  • Ideally can leave it outside all year.
  • No sticky out pieces to poke dogs.
  • Small foot print to kill less grass.
  • Cheap.

The options I liked were: cabinet 3rd hands, adjustable car jack stands, and plastic RV leveler tripods. adjustable dog walk supports (aka cabinet 3rd hands) from Amazon.

The cabinet 3rd handles meet all my requirements except they can’t be left outside in the weather, they will rust. But, I can easily bring them in after training. They are adjustable in height and width and have a small footprint. They are easy to set up and take down. They are cheap. They don’t have any sharp edges to poke dogs.

Here’s the brand/model I bought, but you should measure from the floor to the underside of your dog walk plank to make sure they will work for you. I bought the 23” to 45” size. There are many other brands available, these were the cheapest.

I wanted a support for each of the three planks on my dog walk and the four pack was cheaper than other options. But, if you only need to support the up/down planks, you could get two supports.

I shot a quick video so you can see how much they help!

They make my old DW look more like the stiff DWs we see at most competitions. Should help build Spark’s confidence, speed, and accuracy. 🥰

I also found they are helpful when it comes time to mow the grass under the dog walk. I can just lift the dog walk and mow under it.

Grass Mowing Supports
Grass Mowing Supports

See the original FB post for all the other suggestions!

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