United Flyball League International

20 Apr 2005Steve Schwarz

A new Flyball organization has been formed. Apparently there was enough dissatisfaction with the operation of the North American Flyball Association NAFA that some of the “big names” in U.S. Flyball formed their own organization. They started United Flyball League International (UFLI) as a for profit organization.

Some of the novel aspects of UFLI’s rules include:

  • Lower jump heights - 6 to 12 inch jumps in 1 inch increments
  • Jump heights set by measuring the foreleg of the dog - to avoid crouching dogs measuring lower than their "legal" height
  • Dogs can change between teams at any time - even for a single tournament
  • Points can be earned by dogs on exhibition teams
  • Single dog and two dog team racing
  • Box up to 30 inches wide - 6 inches wider than NAFA
  • Dogs get points per successful heat - each dog on the winning team gets bonus points
  • Annual championship tournament

I registered our Flyball team Black Sheep Squadron online today. We are looking forward to our first tournament in Henry, IL in early June.

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