Aid To Australian Dogs and Their Families

10 Feb 2009Steve Schwarz

As I’m sure you know, terrible brush fires have claimed the lives of Australians, their pets and livestock. I just heard that DOGS Victoria is holding a “International Virtual Dog Show” as a fundraiser for dog club members who are victims of the fire. Here’s how they are running the show:

  • All money raised will be shared among our members who are victims of the bushfires
  • A catalogue of the show will be given to each of our affected members as a sign of the support of their friends
  • Copies of the catalogue will also be available on the website
  • The catalogue will simply show breed, dog's name and owner's name. Why not make an entry in the name of your favourite dog that may no longer still be with you?
  • ANY dog is eligible to enter as there will be special classes for "dogs from mixed marriages" and "rainbow bridge" (dearly departed dogs),

Here is the link with details.

So Meeker will be entering and I hope you will join us in taking a small part in helping the people and their animals devastated by these fires.

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