Dearlove Advance - 16-Aug-2004 - Early Queueing Front Crosses

16 Aug 2004Steve Schwarz

I designed this practice course so Dearlove’s advanced handlers could work on queueing their dogs early enough for a front cross that the dog will add a stride and not over jump when cueued.

Course With Obstacle Numbers

I haven’t run this course so I don’t yet have any personal experiences to relate. Here is what I planned. Handlers could try to lead out to jump 2 and, facing the dog, cue jump 2 with their right arm and use their body to cue the subsequent turn to jump 3. Based on a course Dana Pike setup last week that approach is unlikely to be successful; the distance from jump 1 to jump 2 is long enough that the dog is likely to jump long and possibly take the tunnel. This is where an early cue of a front cross can get the dog to collect and not take a long jump.

Once the dog is on their left lead they can be pulled through the Pin Wheel of jumps 3 and 4 on the handler’s right arm. A rear cross after jump 4 to the tunnel. Then the handling is the same as for the

intermediate course.

For another course using the same setup please see article

Updated 24-Aug-2004

This post describes my experiences teaching and running this course.

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