USDAA NE Regionals IHC Jumpers - Video

17 Jun 2011Steve Schwarz

The USDAA Northeastern Regionals were streamed live on CynosportTV (free!) last weekend. I watched some of it Sunday morning and after looking at the courses I was interested in the IHC Jumpers Course by David Bozak and set it up in my backyard to try. Then later the live stream showed the hearty souls who stuck it out in the heat and humidity to run the course. It was good to see my choices for handling were consistent with those of the majority of handlers. It just barely fit in my backyard (I rotated the lower portion of the course so the Serpentine was horizontal) and I only put wings on jumps where they would impact my handling, I also don’t have a wall jump… OK other than that it was the same course.

Here’s the video showing us trying it three times in a row and you’ll see the handling mistakes I made - they were pretty much the same as those made by handlers at the actual trial… The video cuts off the first three jumps and the camera is right where jump 19 would be:

So if you have the space to set this one up it was a fun run. I also created a smaller spaced version of many of these challenges in my weekly course at FYK9 that I’ll post soon.

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