Practice Sequences Inspired by the 2021 AKC NAC Finals

29 May 2021Steve Schwarz

I recently posted an in depth analysis, with videos, of the closing sequence of the 2021 AKC National Agility Championship’s Finals round course by judge Tim Verrelli. I know a lot of people wanted to set up the closing but not everyone has a 100’ x 100’ (30m x 30m) practice space.

So I extracted the final obstacles and put them into three different sized course designs: 60’ x 50’ (18m x 15m), 60’ x 60’ (18m x 18m), and 60’ x 70’ (18m x 21m). The largest size has the jumps laid out exactly like the original course. The two smaller courses have the last jump rotated and moved to save space. For all the courses I changed the straight tunnel to curved tunnel so I could more easily make longer sequences in a smaller space.

The sequences aren’t in any order of difficulty, so look at all of them to find a sequence you like for practicing with your teammate.

You can practice front/rear/blind crosses, jump wraps, serpentines, threadles, and back sides in these sequences!


  • Always adjust the obstacle location and spacing to be safe for your dog in your training space.
  • If a number is on the edge of the jump it is bi-directional. You can choose which direction your dog takes the jump. I like to practice both directions!
  • For the large layout I put the weave poles in place of a single winged jump. Use any obstacle you like: A Frame, long/broad jump, short straight tunnel, or two jumps to fill the space. Obviously, the bidirectional aspect doesn’t apply on this layout.

Check out my Backyard Mastery articles to learn how you can take these sequences and get even more training out of them.

The Sequences

Let’s get to work! Download a PDF of the obstacle layouts and all the sequences.

I hope you enjoy the sequences and have fun practicing!

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