Interesting Jumping/Weaves Sequence

29 Oct 2012Steve Schwarz

I came up with this sequence as the opening to my jumpers with weaves course at my Can You Handle It? seminar this past weekend. At first glance it looks pretty straight forward. And there are certainly a whole bunch of options for handling it. Take a look at the diagram and think about how you might handle it:

Opening of Seminar Sequence

Obstacle Legend

I’ll describe some of the handling options below.

Handlers faster than their dogs could:

  • Lead Out dog on right to the landing side of jump 1 (or run with their dogs on right the whole way).
  • Move to the landing side of jump 3 as their dog is in the tunnel.
  • Pick up their dog on their left over jump 3 and take their dogs all the way to the weaves on their left side. Run! You have to be fast to beat your dog over jump 4 and be in position for the weave entry. It is mighty impressive when this strategy is executed well!

Handlers not as fast could:

An unsuccessful option for many teams was trying to Front Cross on the landing of jump 4. It is very easy for the handler to cue a lot of extension over jump 4 by driving forward to get to their “spot” and then the dog is certain the tunnel is the next obstacle. But handling with good cues makes this a viable handling alternative.

Another option is dog on left after jump 3 and Rear Cross on the take off of jump 4 and pushing forward to the weaves. This gives a nice turn to the weaves. But requires cuing extension over jump 4 - otherwise the dog should read the Rear Cross as a cue to wrap jump 4 and come back to the take off side. With a fast dog there isn’t much time/space between 3-4 once the dog lands to make it happen either.

Once the dog is in the tunnel, if the handler is behind they should be able to Rear Cross Jump Wrap Jump Wrap Handling TipsJump Wrap Handling - With VideoJump Wrap/Wrap 7-8 and either Shoulder Pull Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn 9-10 or Ketschker. The full size course goes on a ways after 10 so handlers didn’t want to be stuck even with their dogs back at jump 9.

For handlers ahead of their dogs there are options to Blind Cross 6-7 and then Ketschker or Front Cross Jump Wrap jump 7.

Those were some handling considerations and strategies. Did I miss your approach? If the weather holds out I might be able to set this up and shoot a video if anyone is interested.

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