Jump Wrap Example Exercises - With Video(s)

27 Apr 2011Steve Schwarz

At the end of my Jump Wrap Handling article I came up with a couple example exercises with a jump wrap in them. I asked how many ways can you handle the wrap?

I forgot to mention that Exercise 2 is a variation of the 6-7-8-9 sequence in this longer course.

I’ve put together a video showing almost all the ways to handle each sequence. I’m sure someone will find a way I missed!

Based on the good discussion on my incorrect labeling of the Ketschker in the original video I drafted 4 year old Petey and 12.5 year old Milo to show how the Shoulder Pull to the Ketschker could work on exercise 2 by wrapping jump 3 in either direction. It wouldn’t be my favorite, or fastest, handling solution for this sequence but I want to be able to use any handling method.

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