Jump Bar Cavaletti

06 Apr 2018Steve Schwarz

I’m working on dog conditioning exercises from Daisy Peel’s Agility Challenge and one of this month’s exercises uses cavaletti. You can buy pre-made cavaletti which adjust to different heights or use a bar with any kind of support you can dream up. I had been using regular jumps/bars but was resetting a lot of bars as your dog’s start out or got excited trying to race over them. An unexpected thing about using jumps: Snap! decided the jump uprights looked just like weave poles for his first attempt!

It occurred to me that I have a LOT of extra jump bars lying around so all I needed was a way to hold them up off the ground. I figured out that “3-way PVC Elbows” the same diameter as my jump bars were just what I needed:

Jump bar and 2 PVC 3-way elbows

I cut up some of my oldest jump bars to use as legs. You can use a PVC saw or PVC cutters. Be careful using PVC cutters on old PVC! It can shatter and send sharp pieces flying! Wear saftey glasses and keep people/animals out of the area. If you look at my photo below you can see the jagged edges on the cut pieces:

Jump bar, 2 PVC 3-way elbows, cut cavaletti feet, and a PVC cutter

Just press fit the pieces together, don’t glue them! That way you can still use your jump bars with your jump standards and can cut different length pieces to raise/lower your cavaletti.

Assembled jump bar cavaletti

Here’s a video recap of this article with Flyer and Snap! running over the cavaletti interspersed with low jumps:

So now you can quickly (and cheaply) make a whole slew of cavaletti too!

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