Handling 360 Jump Wraps aka "Over and Over" - Video

29 Sep 2013Steve Schwarz

As some US agility venues start to include more challenging handling puzzles, what I’m calling a 360 Jump Wrap has become a fixture on some judge’s courses. I call taking a jump twice from the same side in sequence a “360” as you can see at obstacles 2 and 3 below:

Example 360 jump wrap and dog path

I asked on the USDAA Email group if anyone knew the “official” name for this course element. Greg Fontaine replied with “Over and Over” which is a nice name and works well with the corollary “Over and Back”. Over and Back is when you take the same jump in sequence first from one side and then from the other side; sometimes referred to as “back jumping” a jump.

I set up the sequence above and video taped seven ways to handle a 360 with my young dog Flyer. Some are combinations of cues for which I don’t have formal cues so I made up some names… The handling methods include:

I’m certain these aren’t the only ways to handle it nor are my spontaneous attempts perfect by any means. But I thought they would be interesting and I’ve added slow motion for each maneuver so you can see what I’m doing:

Let me know your ideas for handling this sequence!

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